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Name:Hisuke Ichimura
class: Sith Lord ( master in the force and skilled with a saber)
age: 29
Species: Kaleesh (cyborg)
WOC: Crimson single lightsaber
*Single Lightaber Mods* Kaibur, krayt dragon pearl and kunda crystals, lightsaber modded to hold 5 crystals.RARE Dual phase type lightsaber,This RARE typeof lightsaber uses a combination of focusing crystals to create a blade that extends to double the original length with a simple activation Unlike typical lightsabers which often adjust manually to reduce the blade emission, the dual phased lightsaber can be triggered in an instant, adding an element of surprise to catch my opponents off gaurd.Additionally dual phased light sabers also have a blade emission width adjustability.saber splits into two, hilt made of mandalorian Iron cortosis ore and titanium alloy allowing Hisuke's saber too short out other sabers withhis own,(saber looks similar too sidious's electrum saber)
Planet Of Exile: Korriban
Starship: sith infiltrator, with a hyper drive rating of 0.2a nd backup hyperdrive rating of 0.5, 2 0.2 class hyperdrives attached to 6 tion Mil/Sci Mil StarIV enginesand CES x41 maneuvering thrusters, advanced nav system with almost all star charts public and hidden installed, maximum speed of , 2,080 km/h (atomosphere, 1,280 km/h), with a particle and shift sheilding system it is nearlyimpossible to damage this ship even in hyperspace, 2ion cannons, 2 auto blasters, 2 triple cannon blasters, 4 turbo laser cannons, a concussion missile firing systems, an energy proton torpedo launcher, and a proton torpedo launcher making Hisukes ship one of the most deadly out there.
Current planet: Dantooine
Appearance: Long black sith robes, wears a karabac skull, light brown eyes,
Personality: Dark, keeps to himself, hates the jedi, rude to his soldiers
Force Abilities:Choke, stun, repair,battle meditaion, leap, speed , heal, lightning, mind trick, etc.

Hisuke had been tracking a Jedi down for some time now and was beginning to get frustrated with his pray, wait he could sense the padawan's fear of death and tracked it down he came around the corner the student was waiting and jumped at him no use he activated his saber too quickly and pointed the one activated part outwards stabbing right through the young learner. He then went back to his ship to prepare for the long trip to mustafar

And one day I will wipe the galaxy clear of the jedi filth...
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