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Originally Posted by Rev7
So are you saying that Sidious and Bane are just acolytes?
As far as post hyperspace war Sith go, Bane and Sidious are "true Sith", as they were only Sith, they weren't once Jedi, plus, they were pivotal in realizing the Sith goal.

IMO the word "true" must refer to a breed or heritage, because we already know that the Sith of the films, (and the Sith to achieve Galactic domination) are a linear link to the Sith re-formed by Darth Ruin, the fallen Jedi Phanius, 2000 years after KotOR.

So apart from these "True Sith" being descendants of Adas, Kresh or Sadow, I don't know how there gonna fit in to future events, or what they've done in the past to achieve such a name?

Topic: I would like to see Revan and Exile face off against an armor clad Sith (breed) with a force imbued sword and crystal amulets...

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