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I would like to know what became of Revan. Is Revan dead? Did Revan find what Revan sought in the unknown regions? I would like to know something of Revan's fate.

I guess it all comes down to what LucasArts wants to do with this franchise though. They could take it in a number of directions but I do hope they continue with KotOR in some fashion and that we do get to find out more about Revan's activities during the events of TSL and afterwards.

Originally Posted by mimartin
We know what happen to Revan. He/She went to the Unknown Region to fight the “True Sith,” and since the “True Sith” are not in control of the Galaxy at the start of “The Phantom Menace,” I’d say it was a safe bet he/she won. Now if you want to see how Revan won that is another story, but you already know Revan won.
While true that the "True Sith" are not in control of the galaxy at the start of TPM, I submit we have no idea whether or not it was Revan who defeated them, especially since we really don't know who the "True Sith" are. Additionally, after reviewing Star Wars: The New Essential Chronogy there is no mention of Jedi involvement in galaxy events after the TSL story until 3670 BBY, or a period of around 280 years. We also know that the Sith did rear their heads in galaxy events on more than one occasion between the time of TSL and the time of TPM. We just don't know if these are the "True Sith" or not.

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