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I understand that, but we took the time to create our PC. We gave each on their own personally and morals, so what is the point of playing a RPG game if they are all going to end up in the same place. The Revan I created would never put the mask of her betrayal back own. Your Revan I will assume by your comment would or your Revan might not even see it as mask of betrayal. Either way if the Dev donít take all of our choices into consideration and force some standardized Revan or Exile down our throats they are betraying the game players that purchase their product.
My Revan wouldn't even leave the galaxy letting the Republic self-implode. If anything, he might very well ally with the True Sith, and let the True Sith take over the galaxy. You know, stablity. Why bother fighting forever? Let evil win, for crying out loud!

But, of course, that didn't happen.

Sure, having control over alignment and gender is great, and we need that. But having control over faces and over stuff doesn't seem appealing, as it merely just waste time needlessly. You're going to have to admit that we will lose control over some stuff.

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"The Cambodian government has established many exciting-sounding 're-education camps' where both intellectuals and everyday citizens can be sent at any time," Day said. Well, we at Barnes & Noble have always supported re-education in America, and we intend to extend this policy to our new customers." For every hardcover book sold, Barnes & Noble will donate a dollar to the Cambodian government to help re-educate local children.
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