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William tilted back his glass as the door into the common room swung open and Cristoph strode in. He stood up, a broad grin crossing his face as he crossed the room, catching the other man's hand in his. "Cristoph, old man, good to see you again!"

He caught the bartender's eye. "A drink for me and my friend. What're you having, Cristoph?" He lowered his voice. "Just don't expect much. You get what you pay for when it's eight a night."

He led Cristoph back to the large table he had gotten for them as his ale and Cristoph's drink was brought out. "You're the first one to get here, besides me. I always seem to get everywhere early. So, what have you been doing with yourself over the past five years? Everyone seemed to leave Leipzig and then drop off the map, I've heard hardly anything about any of us in the past five years. Still doing the drawings?"
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