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Her boots - a little heavy and a little large, especially for a woman such as herself - clopped along on the stairs as she descended from the upper level. A yawn pulled from her mouth as she stretched an arm over her head, coming down into the reception, just next to where the innkeeper stood at his post at the desk. She was quite aware that her tunic shirt was lifted slightly at the side due to the position of her arms, revealing a slice of creamy smooth skin - but she didn't seem to care. As she dropped her arms to her sides again, her eyes flashed to where the inn keeper stood, staring at her helplessly...and she tossed him a quick wink, flashing a smile. When you were a girl like Jezebel, it was only too easy to charm the pants off a rough old fat man such as him. He simply smiled dumbly in return, but she said nothing as she quickly turned into the common room, shutting him out of her vision.

The minute she was out of his sight, the smile turned to a scowl. "Damn lumpy mattresses..." she grumbled under her breath, "I get a practically free room, perform for the guy and his customers for a full night, and you think he could at least give me one of the more decent rooms? No, of course not! I'm just a woman, what would I care how soft my mattress is? Ugh, it's going to take weeks to work these kinks out. I should've just slept outside the city - laying on the ground under the stars would've been nicer than--"

Her voice dropped off as she picked up the sound of others conversing, and her eyes flashed as her gaze shot to a small group gathered in the room. It took her a few seconds...but the changed faces gave away hints of what they used to look like, the voices and speech having hardly changed after years of being separated. A smile played across her lips as she crossed to join them. "Weaseling my way out of things? Isn't that my job?" she said, smiling at the men as she came to stand behind Jachen. "Hey, boys."

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