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The door seemed to swing open repeatedly, each time sending out one of William's friends from the old days. He grinned. It always seemed to be like this. He got there extremely early, and then they all arrived in the nick of time, within seconds of each other.

His smile broadened at Jezebel's comment. "Weaseling always was what you were best at. Bartender!"

He gestured to the group. "Drinks for my friends. And one more, he's late." He lowered his voice. "Might be better to get our own bottle. They water down this swill, half their stock comes straight from the well." He gestured to the other chairs. "Have a seat, all of you. Drinks are on me, until I go broke. Any of you run into Manfred? Late as usual, I assume?"

He raised his glass at Vreni's comment. "Well, I imagine they've had to get used to it. You're still playing the flute, right, Jezebel? I'm surprised you managed to make it, Jachen. Your duties as a priest must make a journey difficult to work in."
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