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"Vren, the only ones alowed to do that are my ex-ma and whoever insane enough to become my wife." Seeing her expression he added "And of course you, though there is no need, my head is clear, only my body refusing to aknowledge that." Why did she always have to "sencify" him, and not Jez?

"And here I thought I was the only one who had been to the scorching east. Perfect for you I guess Jace, probably the only place where everyone keeps their urges under lock and key. I am a bit surprised you made it back, your *chivalry* is the sort of thing they like to reward by slitting throats. Lets hope you didn't get the same souvenirs as returning theese will be hard"
He reached out to get a drink, but one look from Verena made him change it to a friendly punch directed at Jachen.

Pretending to be surprised he turned to Jezebel "You here? I thought after five years you would have gotten a high nosed noble, especially considering your *ahem* tallent." Just as he said that, he remembered that he haid said he would do the same, though with the other sex. The curses that folowed would have scared inquistors, had they not been kept low to awoid being heard by Vren and Jace.

Trying to change the subject he put up his not-too-sucsessfull-angry-face "Cristoph, I swear if you [/B]ever[/B] draw anything for a noble again I'll spitt you myself. Do you have any idea how much time I have wasted carrying your stuff around?" Maybe Jez had become a considerate, diplomatic Vren-copy, and would not embarass him. Sure, and maybe pigs fly.

He was ranting now, even he realized it, though he wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or the joy of seeing his friends again.

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