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Deitra scurried across the warehouse floor, darting between crates in the warehouse, stacked up ridiculously high and yet amazingly stable. Ace followed more slowly, keeping his eyes alert for any unexpected movement from any direction. He finally caught up to Deitra and found that she had seated herself against the wall of the warehouse and had her legs curled up to her chest.

"Dee, this isn't you," he said sorrowfully. "You don't cower from a fight. You stand up to your challengers, look them right in the eyes."

"Gone," Deitra murmured. "All is lost..."

"If you go baby on me, then everything is lost," Ace snapped. He reached down and hauled her to her feet, smacking her cheek twice with his right hand. "Snap out of it."

But Deitra was barely conscious of his words. Even in his arms, she continued to shiver uncontrollably. Finally, he threw her to the ground and returned to Frall.

"She's lost it," he said darkly. "I can't get her to..."

At that moment, the first grenade bounced into the warehouse and Ace dove for cover behind a crate to his left.

"What the kriffin' hell happened to the 'surrender and we'll let you live' speech soldiers used to give?" he grumbled. "Or was that police?" He grunted. "Not Mandalorians at any rate..."

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