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William had been taking a nice long draft of his ale. Then Jachen spoke. He spewed the beer back into his cup, then composed himself and set the tankard down.

"You went to the Holy Land? Either you went crazy, or you're a lot more bold than I ever gave you credit for. The heathen Kings of those lands are still quite hostile to most Christians, or so I've been given to understand. How did that turn out? I'm surprised you managed to get there and back within five years."

Had it been anyone else, he'd have been more inclined to suspect lying, but he trusted Jachen to be honest, even above most of his other friends. He'd trust them all with his life, but Jachen also had the implicit trust given to men of the cloth.

Then Manfred stumbled in, drunk, just like in the old days. Typical. He chuckled slightly at the reproach shown by Vreni and Jachen. His grin widened at his comment towards Jezebel - if he knew her at all, Manfred was in for a devastating retort. Then he goes and taunts Cristoph...he tilted his drink back again, trying to prevent from bursting into laughter. It'd go over badly, especially if anyone took offense. He leaned back, waiting for the response.
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