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Originally Posted by Maxstate
Just remember to remove all of your other stuff before you put these in.
New features include:
-Reload system for guns
-Tweaked damage and clip sizes
-Tweaked jump height and velocity
-New push and pull physics
-New weapon: T-21 blaster rifle
-New skill: Clone rifle upgrade
-New menu done by UDM (awesome job nig)
-Tweaked animations - countless frames have been changed to be more balanced, and to differ the styles from oneanother. Red is now faster to combo, but slower to go out of a bounce and has slower windups for example.
-New backparry animation by JackBaldy (nice work)
-New diagonal left and right parry animations la episode 3 by JackBaldy
-New quickparry button that lets you fool your opponent into thinking that you're not parrying and he is comboing, so as to make your opponent's mishap meter go flying up.
-Tweaked mishap levels for guns
-Clip sizes dependant on gun level
-Tweaked deflecting and reflecting
-Countless of small tweaks to the weapon and saber effects
and much more. Go forth and try this new release nigs, it's damn awesome.

aight dogg, imma dee/ell this motha rite now yo
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