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Another one of those nice toys given to Hyde when he purchased the speeder, was a radio that could intercept other radio communications and allow Hyde to listen in. In this instants, he connected into the Mandalorian police radio channel, and heard them mention one word that struck hope into Hyde's heart. He knew that one word would take him off this planet and allow him to continue his way of living. That one word would save his life, and all he had to do was save its. That one word was Jedi.

After listening more to the Mandalorian chatter, they learned that a group of Jedi had been spotted and were been chased. They're last known location was a warehouse. He listened to the location of the warehouse and was delightfully surprised when he discovered this warehouse was actually not that far from him. In fact the nearest large Mandalorian patrol party was five minutes away when he was only one.

Using a navigation system installed into the speeder, Hyde drove towards the ware, noticing an small party of Mandalorian soldiers entering the warehouse as approached. He activated the speeders boost before crashing through a large, yet weak warehouse door. As he skidded to a stop inside the warehouse, he draw his blaster and shot at any Mandalorian's he could see, however he had little luck because his concentration was too busy finding the jedi. "Hey, Jedi people, get your ass in here. We have two Basilisk war droids heading this way and they've been ordered to blow this warehouse to rubble." Hyde shouted, relaying what he heard through the intercom.

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