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Well... I'm hoping I'll be voted for in the Top Fan fics this year, so I need to post the rest of this!

Chapter 8

For three weeks, the group travelled. In those three weeks, it was very quiet and they remained undisturbed or threatened by anyone or anything.

This lasted until one night, when they all agreed they would walk for another ten minutes that they came round the corner and saw a valuable sight.

Many tall buildings rose over the mountains, bustling noises and the sounds of horseís hooves trotting up and down. They had made it. Crystal City.

"We made it" gasped Becca with a small tear in her eye.
"On our own not to forget" laughed Jordan.
"It's... amazing" said Cory simply amazed.

"PEANUT BUTTTER JELLY TIME!" shouted Jordan crying.
"Oh, I should have been prepared for this" Becca cried. Crystal City sold lovely Peanut butter with Jam. It was the best around.

"She loves it" sighed Jamie. Jordan was running full ahead when she tripped over mysteriously. She rolled over in pain and almost fell off the side of the rock track, with about a 20 foot drop down. That was where the city was.

"Jordan, how did you fall?" Mike asked curiously
"I felt some strong force" she muttered getting up. "Save Peanut Butter Jelly and find mysterious force."

Suddenly a whip of wind lashed across their faces and it made them step back a bit. They walked on further and looked round the corner. There was a giant swirling tornado rushing towards the city with immense speed. When they looked at it, they could hardly look at all because the wind was forcing their eyes shut. They stood on staring. Down in the entrance of the city two figures stood.

"They are there Emma" muttered the male voice.
"Yep, let's leave them to be killed by the twister" cackled Emma.
"After what they did" hissed Leroy maliciously. Both of them laughed, but then turned serious.

"They must not enter the city!" Then both of them loaded their crossbows, steadied them and fired. Cory heard a wispy noise coming from the other direction. Two giant arrows were facing his way. He suddenly ducked and both of them missed, pinning down in the grass.

"Someone's after us!" shouted Cory over the whistling wind.
"Huh?" everybody asked confused. Suddenly a bombardment of about ten arrows came flying at immense speed missing them by inches.

"Defiantly not Bread Monsters!" shouted Jordan pulling an arrow out of her now tangled hair.

"Yeh" said Jamie ducking.

"Come on Leroy, this is pathetic, the winds putting us of course. Let's teach them a lesson they will never forget!"

"It's Emma and Leroy!" screamed Becca angrily. "They're alive!"

They both jumped up and landed down crouching. They pulled out some long golden swords.

"There will be death in the night" laughed Emma. Cory pulled out his small dagger and ran for Emma. She kicked him with speed and he fell over dropping his dagger accidentally. Mike grabbed it and threw it at Emma. It went over her shoulder.

"We are so going to win!" shouted Leroy smiling evilly.

Swords everywhere were clashing. Both sides were equal in swordsman power.

"Iím fed up with this Becca" said Jamie blocking a swing from Leroy.
"You know what to do!"

"Double Silver force!" the two screamed. They jumped into the air and their bodyís luminated bright silver. They were now in their stronger forms.

"Looks like its party time" s******ed Leroy.
"Quite so" Emma replied.

"Dark Force!" The world became black like last time, and the bodies were wrapped up in their clothes, eyes red and more powerful... darker.

All blades clashed at one time blasting the four back.

"Let's finish the other two" Leroy said lightening up from a defensive stance.
"Be my guest" Emma laughed kicking Becca in the mouth.

"Bitch!" she screamed angrily. The two girlís blades engaged.

Leroy turned to Mike and suddenly his pale hand grew and a dark flame appeared in it. He threw it with force and Mike ducked suddenly at the tremendous power. It collided into the rock wall and there was a giant explosion and a crash. The winds became stronger as the tornado edged closer.

When the dusty smoke cleared, there was a giant crater in the rock face and something golden and sparkly was shining.

"Did we just...Ē gasped Emma.
"Release the Golden Angel?" Leroy said finishing the sentence. Suddenly beams of golden, yellow, orange and red lights blasted up into the sky twirling from one and other and being blown about in the winds. Then they split into two arrows and hit Cory and Mike.

"They chose them!" screamed Becca in delight.
"They must be real good friends" replied Jamie smiling.

The two bodies grew larger and larger becoming golden and strong. Like Becca and Jamie, except stronger and golden.

"Stop this!" screamed Emma panic stricken. "You know what to do!" They pulled out their arrows chanted something and they became flaming black. They pointed them and struck them with force.

A strong wind blew the arrow away from Mike but the other kept on racing and struck Cory in the heart.

"Cory!" shouted Mike as his transformation had completed.

"Does that mean he's dead?" Jamie asked tears beginning to show in his eyes.
"No!" shouted Jordan out of nowhere who had seemed to be out of the action. "Worse!"

"What's worse than death" muttered Jamie silently. They all looked at Cory.

Half his body was golden, the top half was not. They had hit him during the progress. Suddenly a cloak whipped around him. His hair started turning dark blue and the rest of his clothes became dark colours. He was frozen. Not moving.

His skin became pale. When it was finished. He looked like Emma and Leroy. Evil. Suddenly he took a breath and his eyes turned red. He smiled, but not normally. It was more like an evil smirk. Emma stepped forward.

"Hi Cory, look at them lot, look like trouble, wanna kill them?"
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?" Jordan asked getting serious.
"We made him dark but because that golden crap is inside him, it makes him way stronger. Stronger than us, even stronger than Golden boy Mike. And alot stronger than you pathetic siblings. And what's better? He's on our side!"

Cory turned round and looked at them. He then looked at Becca and took a step towards her. He raised his hand, which turned into a fist.

Then she screamed. "Cory! Be yourself! This is sick!"

"Get out of my way girl youíre not the one I want!" He shoved her aside and Mike was standing there in his golden armour. High, mighty and powerful.

"Bring it on Mike" he rumbled in a dark voice.
"What have they done to you" he gasped. The two stared each other down.


Chapter 9
The White Orb
"Leave them to it" smirked Emma devilishly. "He'll kill them." The two of them transformed back to themselves and ran off back to the city to find the shelter area for the coming tornado.

Cory and Mike stared each other down. Mike was about to strike when Becca pulled him back violently.

"He's your friend, let me fight him." She said plainly but forcefully. Becca stepped forward eyeing Cory cautiously.

"You fool" grumbled Cory in a low rumbling tone. "You are brave to fight me, but foolish."

"Humph" simply replied Becca. "I'm beginning to pity you" she laughed. It was horrible for Mike and Jamie to sit and watch two friends fight.

"Let me at you!" she screamed swinging the sword forward with all her might. Her silver armour glinted and she put all the force she could into this swing. It looked like Cory was going to just die, but inches before being touched he whipped round, ducked and kicked her in the stomach without looking.

Becca was blasted back and her back crashed into rock edge cutting her back severely.

"Nice move" she panted brushing small stones of her back and examining the blood on her fingers. "I wonder how you'll like this!"

Becca ran up to Cory at speed jumped over him and kicked him in the back. He was knocked over face forward. He didn't move.

"Sorry mike, but there is no way I know of to bring him back, it's not nice but---" she was cut off by some breathing. He was now on his knees and hands. There was a small laugh then he burst into a deep chuckle.

"Pathetic!" he said brushing of the large streams of blood from his back. He stood up and turned around. He had a serious look on his face. He raised his hand and a giant wave of black energy blasted into Becca raising her into the air. With such power and speed she rocketed into the skies right at the city, then crashing into the tallest building in Crystal City. She was crushed into a wall, unconscious.

"You could have killed my sister, you, you, you" Jamie said angrily. "Git!" He never normally swore but when he was angry he could not help it.

Mike and Jamie stepped forward. Mike's golden armour glowed in the wind, so did Jamie's silver coating.

Giant breezes of wind were hurling now as the tornado was barley a mile away now.

Mike jumped forward with his bow aiming to whack it across Cory's head. Cory swiftly turned grabbed the bow and snapped it in half with no effort. He pushed Mike onto the floor with one hand looked towards Jamie.

"Maybe you might be able to give me a challenge" Cory laughed sneering at him with an upturned nose.
"Iíll try" Jamie stuttered. He raised his cutlass and took a speedy swing at Cory's head. For a split second Cory looked worried but he tried to duck. The cutlass skimmed across his neck.

Skin trimmed off Cory's neck. He sighed. Then he took a deep breath in. The further he breathed in, the more the blood stopped until there was just cut skin.

"Good move" rumbled Cory. "But not strong enough to actually damage me, so weak I can heal the bleeding" he laughed rolling his eyes.

Then he raised his hand. Jamie raised his eyebrows and gasped but then there was a giant explosion with black clouds everywhere and Jamie was on the floor unconscious.

"Now just you and me mike" rumbled Cory deeply.
"Bring it on" Mike replied raising a fist....

Chapter 10
Battle Continue

"I donít know if youíre up to it Cory" Mike said eyeing him carefully. "You have not fought golden power! Youíre going to danm right die!" Suddenly there was a loud ping, a whistle and then a sharp pain landed in Cory's arm.

"Dang! Who did that?" he roared. He and Mike looked up to the cliffs where those two mysterious figures were standing. The wind make their cloaks flap all over the place.

"Sorry" said the smaller one kindly. "Not for hitting you, but for the mistakes we've made and for jumping into other peopleís business, but now we are really fighting for the right side! So your name is Mike is I right?"

"Uh yes" replied Mike slightly confused.
"Well I am Firas" the smaller one said proudly pulling down his cloak.
"And I am Clifton" said the taller one pulling out a sword gallantly.

"Let us weaken him!" Clifton shouted. The two both jumped down from the cliff, which was very high and they both landed in a crouching position.

"They'll kill you!" Mike shouted. "Look at Jamie" he said nodding to the frail body on the floor. "And Becca is crushed into that building up there."

"You under estimate us" smirked Clifton. "Say, where that nutty friend of yours... erm Jordan is!"

"Crikey I donít know" muttered Mike looking around.
"RIGHT HERE MIKEY BOY! LEMME AT THE TWO FACED FOOL!" she shouted swinging down from nowhere and kicking Cory in the face in a direct hit.

Cory had blood on his lips and an arrow in his arm. He was breathing heavily. Slowly he licked the blood of his lips and pulled the arrow out, then snapping it in half.

"I'll take all three of you on" he said his face lightening up. "Infact, I can kill all of you right now!"

"Your bluffing" Firas laughed. The three warriors stepped forward. Firas quickly jumped up high and came down with a machete that was about to slice into Cory when he grabbed it and swung it round. Which Firas was holding onto. Firas went round and round with speed. No sign of Cory struggling as he had immense strength.

Then he let go and Firas welt flying and smacked the floor, his machete bouncing down making a loud clatter. Firas lay there as the wind brushed across the bruise on his head.

"He's good" he laughed sarcastically at Firas.
"Arrgh" screamed Jordan and Clifton at the same time then they attacked sword first. Cory simply held up his hand and a giant force blew the two of them back sending them on top of Firas.

"Double team" whispered Firas. Firas and Clifton got up. Jordan lay there out of breath, merely watching.

"We are only warming up, here is our best attack!" they shouted together and leapt forward. Cory got down, curled up and less than a second before they were going to slice him a giant black explosion blew them back and they were blasted high into the sky. Then they fell and crumpled on the floor several metres away from Jordan.

"No more interruptions!" screamed Cory at the top of his voice now glowing red and black.
"Fine, now I can kill you" Mike replied grimly.

Mike stepped forward, his golden armour shining like the sun. Then Cory stepped forward looking darker than death.

"Aaah!" the two cried as their swords clashed together. There was a giant rumble like an earthquake and the clashes were ear popping. The hurricane was less than half a mile away now and the wind was almost blinding them.

"They're too powerful!" Clifton shouted from the floor in pain. "It's causing havoc."
"Too right dude!" shouted Jordan making an attempt to climb up but falling back over with the wind.

Cory struck was a quick slice at Mike's arm and the sword scraped down the golden metal like nails down a chalk board.

Both of them were panting. Then Mike burst into rage and fury.

"Golden Wonder!" he cried and golden beams came swivelling towards Cory. Cory looked shocked but made a quick reaction.
"Dark Rage!" A giant wave of black darkness came flowing towards Mikes attack. Then the hurricane blew over everyone and they were shot high sky.

Then just as the two attacks collided the wind came in between and there was a giant explosion of fury. On one side giant beams of golden spurted out and there was an extreme explosion. On the other side darkness streamed over the land and everything went quiet.

Jordan, Clifton, Firas and Jamie broke the silence and thumped on the floor from a height. All of them groaned.

"Where did they go?" Jamie asked. Clifton nodded up the sky and something bright but small fell and landed in a patch of grass. Jamie crawled over and picked it up.

It was a small white orb that sparkled light white. On the bottom something was engraved. Clifton took it from Jamie and read out.

"Here lay Cory and Mike. For here they are sealed and shall stay here until the group of warriors can mend the damage done to the Southern Sector of Crystal Island. Also they will have to deal with the war, but they must choose the right descion and let one go."

"What does that mean?" Jordan asked with a grumble.
"Well once we bring back light to the Southern side of Crystal Island then they will come back" Firas replied. They all looked towards Crystal City and behind. Everything was black where as the other side was blooming.

Everyone went silent. A tear dripped down Jordan's eye.
"Bring them back" whispered Jamie. Suddenly his eyes widened.

Chapter 11
Two Goblins

Becca opened her eyes slowly. In front were large buildings and for some reason it was alarmingly windy. She was uncomfortable and then noticed there was blood smothered all over her clothes. Her back hurt.

She looked down and saw the streets below her. They looked very small, which meant she must be very high. She was crushed into the wall of this building, and if she tried to move she could fall. She looked over to where all of her friends had been fighting. Many of them were just standing there but the tall one which she guessed was Jamie was bent down. It looked like he was crying.

"Whereís Cory and Mike" she said to herself in a quiet voice. "I guess this is the end" she sighed. "I'm going to die!"

"Not today girl" said an odd voice. She tried to look up but saw nobody.
"Who's there?" she stammered looking around frantically.
"Look below" it said again. She looked down and there was a young goblin with scruffy hair.

"Just goblins" she sighed angrily remembering how much she hated their kind.
"I am Fazlah and this is my goblin cousin Riko" he said climbing further up.
"Big deal go away" she sighed aiming to kick at them.
"Hey, donít kick at my brother or he'll fall and die!" Fazlah said shaking a fist trying to look fierce.
"Good" she blurted angrily.
"Well your brother thinks you ARE dead" the one named Riko. Becca's eye widened.
"Really" she muttered. "Sorry" she replied.
"Good, now we save you!" they both said cheerfully. Riko grabbed her left arm, while Fazlah grabbed the other.

The lifted her, so she was standing on the edge.

"Three, two-" Riko was cut off.
"Youíre just going to jump!" she shouted furiously.
"Duh" replied Fazlah and they jumped before she could reply. They began to tumble when suddenly instead of falling they sailed and she heard a loud flapping noise.
"What is that noise?" she demanded.
"Itís our wings! We are winged goblins!"
"Oh, thatís lucky!Ē she shouted with glee. "I'm alive!" she shouted with joy.
"So it seems" laughed Fazlah cheerfully.

They touched down.
"Thank you, when I see my brother and our friends, I want you to join our gang and I promise never to say a bad word about goblins again. No matter how scrawny and annoying they are."

"Ok!" the two shouted and they let her lead the way.

Jamie thumped his fist down on the floor in rage.
"I can't believe those twisted foul mouthed Leroy and Becca did that to Cory! They turned him into a monster! Now because of that my sister is dead or dying!" Jamie cried again. Firas tried to put an arm round him but Jamie quickly shoved him off.

"Now Mike is dead too! I swear to god I'm going to find them two and make them die! DIE IN PAIN!" he roared angrily.

Everyone was huddled around, limped in pain.
"Jamie" said a voice softly. Jamie looked up and saw his sister. She was in a state, ripped hair, all over the place. Cut clothes and blood streaming here and there. However it was her sister oddly standing beside two winged goblins.

"My god!" she shouted running towards her. At first everyone thought they were going to be a big hug but instead he charged at her and knocked her over.

"You bitch! You made me think you were dead! Why didn't you come back? Why are you hanging out with two dirty goblins! What have they done to you! Why the hell, what is your problem Becca!" Jamie then looked at her and she was crying.

"Dunno" she moaned, "Got knocked out."
"We save her" smiled Riko and Fazlah.
Jamie looked at the two.
"I wouldn't believe it" he muttered.
"They did" wept Becca. "Now go away if you hate me so much JAMIE." The two stared at each other and then hugged. Only for a few second and they burst apart.

"EWWWW!" they both shouted and spat at each other.
"I can't believe me, I... eww" stuttered Becca.
"Yuck, yuck Iím infected by the sister!" Jamie shouted. Everyone laughed. After some talking and discussing of what to do next Becca brought something up.

"Seeing Fazlah and Riko saved my life, can they join the group?" Everyone else huddled together and discussed in a hushed tone.

"Alright" said Jamie. "Welcome Fazlah and Riko."
"We will help you fight these two evil ones, Leroy and Emma you call them?"
"Yup" replied Jordan in a big grin. "They're like bread monsters, but more evil" she said nodding seriously.

"Bread monsters?" Riko asked puzzled.
"You'll soon learn" chuckled Clifton.

Everyone was at peace... for now.

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