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Chapter 12
Peanut Butter Jelly

Far away, two other boys began their own journey...

Splint jumped down from the rocky path and landed on his bottom with a thump. He brushed of the stones and stood up.

"Andrew?" he called in a high pitched tone. A tall child walked out of a hut and nodded to Splint.

"Guess this is where we start then" Splint sighed scared and excited at the same time.
"Yeh, we have to stand up to them!" Andrew shouted raising a fist.
"We need to keep hidden away from the Screat spies, and find a group, a large group of something or someone, a species maybe, and build our own army" Splint said determinedly.

Andrew did not reply. They took a step into the underground tunnels of Crystal Island.

"Where does this go again?"
"The Green Fields, thereís a track that goes through it, but full of wild Plant hogs, and some Screat spies" Andrew sighed.

"Well, letís go" said Splint and they moved on in.....

Back to our gang of adventurers...

The following morning the sun shone brightly and everything seemed peaceful. The group of seven decided to take a tour of what damage had been done by the hurricane.

In some area's it just looked like a dump, nothing much was broken, but trash was all over the place, bins knocked over and in general where some streets used to be well kept, were now dirty and trashed.

Some huts had been blown over but aside that Crystal City looked fine.

"Peanut butter Jelly over here!" called a voice. Jordan's ear twitched. She slowly turned and saw a boy behind a stall that was literally packed with jars of peanut butter jelly. Jordan slowly licked her lips and then ran towards the stall at high speed virtually knocking it over. She grabbed everything on the floor she could find and opened them up spilling it into her mouth.

"Are you going to pay?" the boy asked looking at his crushed stall. Jordan finished licking a jar and looked at him.
"No" she replied blankly and grabbed another jar. The boy grabbed a large plank form behind him and raised it. Jordan licked her lips and looked up. She quickly dodged and the plank smacked down snapping on the ground with a crack.

She grabbed four jars and made a run for it.
"Come on guys, he's a bread monster!" However the boy was fast, around their age and was catching on them.

"He so going to kill me!" screamed Jordan panicking.
"Not to worry, we're not in a hurry!Ē laughed Riko and Fazlah. They sat on her shoulders, and their little feet grabbed her and they flew up lifting her.

The other five ran round a corner disappeared. The boy from below raised a fist at Jordan who was pointing at him and pulling faces from above.

"You'll pay!" he croaked. Then he ran on in the direction the others had went.

Later on in the day, the five were resting. Jordan came along with Riko and Fazlah by her side.

"That bread monster has been chasing me all the time, so see that cave in the cliffs over there? That's where Iím going!" she panted slowly.
"We are taking her" nodded Fazlah bowing at the same time. She grabbed onto their little feet and she slowly rose, then being taken away into the skies.

"Hmm, we'll have to get there by foot" Jamie said looking at the blisters on his feet.
"Sadly" Firas moaned. "Iím hungry" he groaned. Everyone else rubbed their bellies.
"We'll go hunt for some food" said Rebecca sprouting up.
"We'll catch a rabbit, or some sort of animal, and cook it. I donít care if any of you are vegetarians, we have to live somehow."

Everyone nodded in agreement and walked on. They headed towards a large forest that seemed to be blooming with gigantic flowers and odd animals here and there.

The boy s******ed. He knew where Jordan was going, and he could get her for stealing his products....

Chapter 13
More Enemies

"Sshh Splint look Screats, Do you want us to get caught?"Andrew whispered, his brown cape flapped in the wind.

Andrew leaned his lanky body over a bush getting his brown hair and small beard dirty and tangled and as he turned to look at Splint who had clean and brushed hair combined with a good looking face.

Three ugly but small rocky creatures opened a door and started to walk past while holding on to their attachable feet and very sharp daggers.

"Well sorry but your cape flapping around like a chimpanzee isn't helping either" replied the arrogant Splint.

"You should stop being so angry, It's a cape not exactly a sound alarm" replied the more calm Andrew.

They tiptoed into a dark endless tunnel filled with only lanterns hanging off the walls and the cold wintery stones lying all around them.

"Not exactly a vacation is it" Andrew complained to Splint who was walking fast while holding his bow and arrow.

"What you say, The Craltens are attacking us in five days" A deep dark voice echoed through the narrow tunnel.

"Yes sir, I'm afraid so but they don't seem to have any attack plan or scheme" a slightly deep but not as deep as the first voice echoed back.

"Nonsense Dreep get that idiot of a king and go prepare our army and make sure that king of yours is included, I hate to say it but that dumb brained fool is strong and will be trouble for those Craltens muhahahaha" The deeper voice replied.

"Andrew this is serious, I've never heard of Craltens before letís get out of here."

As he moved Splint tripped on an invisible force and tumbled ahead in range of the two creatureís vision.

"Well what do we have here" the deeper voice Shouted.

"Um just your friendly pizza man uh" Splint was cut off as Andrew stepped out into view of the two beasts

Splint's well dressed and fashionable clothes made him stick out like a sore thumb, as he wore black and white trainers that looked like gods shoes compared to what anyone else had stuck to their feet and his red t-shirt and black trousers made Andrew who wore a ragged and torn green shirt and blue ripped jeans look like a tramp even though he wasn't.

In a deep and musty cave JJ could hear the crackling of a fire and peered round the knobbly stone wall. He eyed closer and saw one of the goblinsís who had taken off with that mad girl.

"Too easy" he said to himself laughing very quietly. Out of his pocket he pulled out a sharp dagger that shone golden and orange under the fire light.

Fazlah walked away from the fire holding a roasted marshmallow on a stick.
"Here Jordan" he said handing it to her. Jordan took a nibble and swallowed it.
"Not as hot" she murmured and walked over to the fire and let it burn a bit more.

JJ steadied his hand and quickly jumped round the corner ready to throw it when he was knocked over with force and he stumbled on the ground his dagger clattering on the stone floor.

Chapter 14
JJ, Laster and Dreep

"No one does that to my friend" said Clifton blowing his fist. Jordan looked up and saw the familiar face on the floor as the rest of the gang entered the cave.

"We're here, seems that kid came after the products" Firas said glaring at the boy on the ground. Rebecca walked along and knelt down over the boy her shadow creeping across his face like a wolf.

"Who are you anyway?" she asked with a hint of anger in her voice. The boy was now scared and was trembling.
"My name is Jordan, I sell Peanut Butter Jelly... and your friend stole my products!"
"Copy cat!" Jordan from the cave shouted. "You stole my name you fish!"
"You can call me JJ then" he said looking about the cave. "Now where's my products?"
"We ate them" said Riko rubbing his now heaving stomach.

"Well will you pay?" JJ asked. "There were eight in total."
"Ok" Riko said shuffling in his small dragon skinned bag. "How much?"
"Eight Crystalians" JJ replied with a smirk. Riko pulled out nine.
"Extra for our trouble, want to join the gang?" JJ pondered on this for a while.

"No! Youíre a bunch of outlaws! You just go around nicking people's stuff!" JJ shouted about to leave the cave.

"Eh no" Jordan said frowning. "I get out of hand when it comes to peanut butter, sorry. We're out here as travellers, well we were... but now we're out to save Crystal Island as, well... two of our... fir- friend's.. did-- die- ad and it wasn't the- the- their f- f- fault" she said stumbling over her words and bursting into tears.

JJ was shocked and he looked around at the gang of travellers who all had tears in their eyes. He even looked up at the brave Rebecca's eye and she was trying not to show anything but even her face looked depressed and sorrow.

"That happened during the hurricane right" JJ said softly.
Riko and Fazlah nodded at him. Rebecca walked over to Jordan slapping an arm round her friend.

"It's that Leroy and Emma!" Jordan said fiercely after a while. "They... turned Cory... they turned him against us and because of it his innocent soul is dead as well as Mike's!"

"I'm interested in who they are working for" Clifton said standing in the corner with his arms folded in a thinking pose. "They can't just be out there to ruin people's lives on their own, nobody is that low." Everyone nodded.

"One question" JJ said and everyone's head turned to him. "Something happened when they though, there was a big explosion and over here in Crystal City everything went black for a moment and I saw something fall from the sky."

"You mean this?" Jamie said fumbling around in his pouch and pulling out the small white orb that glowed in the cave.

"What is it" JJ asked looking at it with curiosity sparking in his eyes.
"It's them, and once we restore the power to Crystal City, it says they shall return" said Clifton holding it under the light of the fire.

"I will help you" said JJ piping up. "And I'll bring all my good to keep us going, all my Peanut Butter Jelly" he said proudly.

"HOLY BREAD MONSTERS!" shouted Jordan sprouting up and running towards JJ then jumping on him. "You are the best little guy I have ever met, you are super your better than ten pieces of bread with a five thousand pieces of Peanut Butter Jelly spread on. YOU GENEROUS LITTLE MONSTER!" she screamed slapping him and getting up of him.

"Youíre cool" she smiled nodding. Everyone laughed.

Far away in a cave... Andrew and Splint meet enemies..

"You disgust me" said one of the creatures. From the shadows a rocky figure walked in front. He was very tall, and was the one with the deepest voice.

"I am Laster" he said with a slight chuckle in his low voice. "And this is my fool of a friend Dreep. We are the Deputies of the one and only King Grazoid.Ē

"Yeh do you want a pizza or not" sighed Splint trying to keep up the game.
"Quit the pizza thing" Andrew whispered in his ear. Splint pulled himself together and pulled on a nasty stare.

"Bring it on buddy boy, letís fight!" Dreep then walked into view. He was shorter, but plumper. He did not look as strong but was carrying a rock gun.

"Make this quick Dreep" Laster hissed violently at his partner.
"Fine" replied Dreep in a slow voice and steadied his gun. It was made of pure rock, and fired some large pointy ones as well that could stab you hard.

There was a large popping noise and rock fired towards Splint at speed that whistled like a firework. Splint was about to shoot his arrow, but he quickly ducked as the rock landed on the muddy floor helplessly.

"That was close" Andrew whispered shaking his head. He pulled out a thin dagger that gleamed in the dark and carefully steadied his hand then, then flicking it and it went travelled towards Dreep in a streamlined manner and there was a loud clatter as it chipped against Dreep's stone rock.

"Oh come on we're Screats!" cackled Laster loudly. "You are going to need something stronger than an old thing like that" he laughed maliciously. Andrew smirked and started racking his brains on what to do. He then heard a shout.

"Watch out!" shrieked Splint. He looked up and a rock banged his head. Luckily it didn't come to fast. He rubbed his head and then threw it back with brute force at Dreep who shot it.

"This is pathetic" said Splint angrily.
"Let's finish them with our power, no gun, no throwing fists, legs and force!" Andrew shouted understanding his friend.

The four of them stood there glaring each other down. Dreep dropped his rock heavy gun on the floor which Andrew kicked away.

"I'll take Mr Talkative" Andrew nodded towards Captain Laster. Splint took his eyes upon the rather foolish Dreep and then he ran forward attempting to make a grapple at him. Dreep chuckled dumbly, and picked Splint up and threw him at the wall. Splint crashed into it with a bone cracking pound and fell on the floor rather helpless. He thought he was going to cry....

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