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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
lolz...getting rid of the requirement for product activation/key on installation is a good idea - too late for one of the chaps in the other threads though

maybe I didnt read it properly, looks like they didnt think it was appropriate to chuck in WMP11 ??

Well, it's pointless in Europe anyways, since the EU would just chase them down like mad dogs lolz...
Though I think I read it was just to keep the weight of it down to a bare minimum of security/enhancement/stabilization/compatibility updates rather than fancy stuff.

Here's another wee update:
Asus to make PDA/Smartphone
The article is in French but it's got some sweet pics of it and I'm sure the specs don't need translated, and if they do, let me know
I'm glad Asus is looking into this as I'm due to upgrade my contract phone in a couple of months and this one fits exactly into the category I'm interested in...The only thing that bugs me is that the screens looks quite small on both sides, which could be its downfall as there's stiff competition out there in this category of phones nowadays and some are just as powerful with like massive touch screens and such.
I'll wait and see what the verdict is

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