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Perl 5.10 released

Perl 5.10 was released on Dec 18. It's been 5 years since Perl 5.8 came out.

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Significant new features

The new smart match operator implements a new kind of comparison, the specifics of which are contextual based on the inputs to the operator. The result is that all comparisons now just Do The Right Thing, a hallmark of Perl programming. Programmers can also capture matches based on names, rather than position in the expression. In addition, the regular expression engine has been tweaked, tuned and sped up in many cases.

Building on the smart-match operator, Perl finally gets a switch statement, and it goes far beyond the kind of traditional switch statement found in languages like C, C++ and Java.

Other improvements include state variables that allow variables to persist between calls to subroutines; user defined pragmata that allow users to write modules to influence the way Perl behaves; a defined-or operator; field hashes for inside-out objects and better error messages.

Interpreter improvements

It's not just langauge changes. The Perl interpreter itself is faster with a smaller memory footprint, and several UTF-8 and threading improvements. The Perl installation is now relocatable, a blessing for systems administrators and operating system packagers.

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