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At first, Deitra stared at Frall, wide eyed and open mouthed. Slowly, her mouth closed. Then, she blinked. "The Jedi Order may be fractured," she murmured, "but I am still a Jedi." She reached out and took her lightsaber from Frall. Then, she came fully to her senses and nodded.

"We have to move..." she said. She turned and moved through the warehouse. Just as the trio reached the other side, they heard someone shouting to Jedi. Almost immediately, one of the warehouse doors burst inward. Reacting more on instinct than anything else, Deitra spun, thrusting herself and Ace out of the speeder's way, trusting that Frall could take care of himself where Ace might not necessarily be able to.

"We have two Basilisk war droids heading this way and they've been ordered to blow this warehouse to rubble!" the pilot shouted. Deitra shot an incredulous look across to Frall, but Ace stood immediately and bounded for the speeder.

"Hyde!" he exclaimed, catching the former GACF pilot's eyes. "Hyde, it's me, Ace Cole... GACF, yeah?" He turned to the Jedi. "It's alright. I know him."

Deitra shot a dubious glance at Frall as if to say, "Well if Ace knows him, he must be trustworthy."

But she moved to board the speeder as well. As she did, Ace did some quick introductions.

"That's Deitra, attractive, but presently mopey," he said. "And the big hairy one's Frall. I've only just met him, or maybe I'd wise-crack something about him too... as it is, I kinda like my current physical form and I'd like to keep it, if you know what I mean..."

"Jedi peoples, my friend is Hyde," Ace concluded. "We were pilots for GACF for a while... think I left before he did though..." At this, he shot a questioning glance to Hyde, but shrugged.

"That's wonderful," Deitra said, "but in case you hadn't noticed, we were being shot at... a swift getaway would be ideal at this moment."

"Ah," Ace said thoughtfully, ducking as a shot narrowly missed him. "The fine lady has a point. Hyde, if you will?"

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