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"A swift getaway? That's what you wanted? Geez, you guys could of said earlier, I had planned a nice slow and relaxing getaway," Hyde replied sarcastically as two Jedi jumped inside his speeder, one of them were accompanied by Ace, a guy he remembered from his GACF piloting days, back when Hyde was a different person, though his sense of humor has remained same, he morals changed. When he served the GACF, he was a man of honor who'd fight any army to protect the innocent, and sacrifice his life to save another thought a moments thought or regret, now he was more about survival.

Ace introduced his companions, as Hyde turned the speeder to face the smashed down door. "Oh so you travel with Jedi, not bad for a man who was voted the first to die by friendly fire by his team mates." Hyde said to his speeders new companions before he pulled a lever which caused the speeder to move forward. Hyde then activated the boost as the speeder left the warehouse as his headed as fast as the speeder could go. His goal was the road where he could blend in with the traffic before the Basilisk War droids bombarded the warehouse and believe them to die inside, however that idea was ruined when he saw the two War droids appear over the city skyline. They spotted the speeder and began to fire their blaster cannons. The speed Hyde was pushing the speeder too allowed them to dodge most of cannon blasts, however as he moved onto the road and into the outer part of the city, the war droids moved behind them and began to trail.

Despite a few fancy maneuvers pulled off my Hyde, the war droids continued to follow and fired recklessly, often hitting other passing speeders or buildings. "Someone grab the chain gun under the back seats and use it to take out the War Droids, I can't loose detection with them following us. If I know Mandalorian tactics, their not going to send any more war droids after us whilst these two are still up in the air."

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