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"They are moving out of the city, get your arse to the nearby LZ, you'll be joining a squad of last chancers"

"Last chancers? what did I do to deserve that, and what sort of suicide mission is this?"
Mirar was terrified, last chancers was where those who instead of recieving execution or exile where given a second chance. If they survived the mission, they where set free. However the ods for surviving a mission where about as good as those for surviving a rancor hug.

"Com says it's cause you have failed to asimilate, thinking to much about surviving and such. The mision is dropping into the speeder and try to stop it without killing the people inside, should you fail to arive at the LZ you'll be public enemy numero uno."

Sitting inside the ship, Mirar checked his gear before moving towards the ramp as it opened. Below he could see the speeder, exchanging fire with some war droids. Prentending to stumble, he threw a det pack towards one basilisk and another towards the back of the ship. Jumping out of the ship he hoped the jedi had the decency to not kill him outright, then he flicked the detonator.
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