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Originally Posted by Ghost Down
Hey Inyri,

Looking great, but when I try to install I get an error.
Any idea what might be causing it?

This is the error I am talking about; Error <-- Click me

Thanks in advance,

Ghost Down
I'm sorry, I'm not real great at reading... whatever language that is. Sounds like the gist of it is "omg I can't make a backup of this file, CRY!" which isn't as bad as it sounds.

It should have installed the file, but failed to make a backup for it (if you desperately need one you should be able to pull it off of your install discs, although the modified localization.mod should have no ill effects on your game even should you uninstall the mod). If for some reason localization.mod *didn't* get installed, you'll know right away when Kay doesn't have any lip synching. Localization.mod can be manually installed if need be -- just put it in the lips folder (make a backup copy of the original localization.mod if you like, just for safe keeping).

And Zionosis, I totally don't remember you telling me that.

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