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Hee -- please, we must play Half Life Deathmatch! I'm sorry I got annoyed with it -- but there's no reason to stop playing! I remember there was a Melee Island map which was officially ACE. Also, Half-Life is pretty much the only game I can play, apart from Quake.

So I vote for Quake and Half-life. ;-*

But at the very least we need an iSketch tournament. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all good for me.

Also, I could kiss the person who moved these forums into the Mojo forums -- well perhaps not kiss: I don't think anyone would want me to do that. But I'd give them an encouraging smile. Or at least an emoticon smile: . Anyway, this way I don't have to travel back in time through Monkey Island discussion to keep up with any online gaming that may or may not be happening.

I also have Jedi Knight II and Academy, Warcraft III, Red Alert 2, Galactic Battlegrounds, Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 and (for some reason) Unreal Tournament 2003.
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