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"I'll do you one better," Ace announced, grandly plucking Deitra's lightsaber from her belt and switching it on. Startled, Deitra protested and Ace thrust the saber's hilt back into her hand. Ace chuckled and said, "Can't stand the feel of that thing... no counterweight from the blade..."

Deitra held her saber straight up for a brief moment, and then reached forward, drawing the Mandalorian up against her body and leveling her saber across his neck. "This isn't entirely an act," she warned him. "We don't know anything about you... best safe than sorry..." At that moment the detonator he'd flicked back into the ship exploded, tearing the ship apart. Ace's eyes widened.

"Hyde!" he exclaimed. "If we're trying for a complete getaway, I think off-world's going to be our best bet... we've got a ship..."

"No!" Deitra exclaimed forcefully. "If they've caught any sight whatsoever of you or I, that ship will be blocked off..."

"Hey, Kamikaze kid," Ace said, turning on the Mandalorian who'd jumped aboard their speeder. "Any news on your friends seizing our ship?"

"And we still have to hear if Frall's got an idea," Deitra added hurriedly. She glanced at Frall, still keeping her lightsaber at the Mandalorian's neck. "Frall? Stay or go? You're in charge here..."

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