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Hey Redrob! Man you're a busy little bee and have got some good ideas so far. Your finished works are of the highest quality and I will expect the same from anything else you release and look forward to it.

As to the pre-holiday update:


- for the most part I like what you're doing here. The weapons in the first pic look good. The third pic's axes look really good as well although is the first one supposed to be crooked like that? Not like it wouldn't kill someone either way.

- the only thing I'm not feeling is the second pic. The club and hand axe just look a little too primitive for Star Wars for me. Again, just my opinion.


- Your tusken's look really good and as it just so happens that I've recently read of a Jedi that was with the tusken's so I'll totally buy into that.

- As to your Cathar, I'm not sure I'll like the direction you're going to go with it right now, but then again it's so early that's kind of a empty statement. I'm not sure I like what's happening with the mouth at this point, but really what does that mean this early in your process. It could easily turn out extremely cool. I'm just having a serious "Beauty and the Beast" TV show flashback right now. Remember Ron Pearlman in that?

Anyways, I can see you're working your butt off on a lot of different mods at once and what you've released so far has been stellar so I can't wait for your next update.

Keep up the good work!
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