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Help, I am stuck in Sith Enclave Manaan [Spoilers]

Spoilers Alert...i do not know how to instert spoiler tags here so this will have to suffice. proceed at your own risk, as i must talk about in game details to seek the help i need. thanks.

OK< I have cleared out all the Sith in the Sith Base in the city on Manaan, BUT i cant get into the exercise area to complete the quest where you need to get the token, that final door wont open and the Selkath apprentice who is supposed to open the door wont....the only thing i can think of is that you have to complete the flood control doors puzzle completely all the way to trigger the Selkath, i have been through the Flood Control Doors from both sides, but I dont think i ever bothered to finsih openning BOTH sides of them, once i got through, i will go back and try again. I have cleared out the Sith enclave twice, the first time i ended up being executed because i did not know how to talk my way out of the trial. has anyone got any suggestions for this dilema? I dont mind repeating this area as the fighitng is good practice for me but I wonder if i have a bugged install or something? thanks for any help.

I think the problem may be that i did not do enough of the other quests that involved the Selkath before trying to get into the Sith Base, so the Selkath did not appear in the hallway and thus i cant get into the final area of the base, but i am open to ideas. I think I may have to start over in Manaan altogether.

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