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You Know My Name

The battle on the temple in KOTOR: Revan struggles not to fall.

A number of points were marred by direct game references, but not as many as usual. Remember that a ‘flurry of attacks’ works as well as a ‘flurry of melee rounds’, kid.

Both struggles happen simultaneously as expected. Having the breach come here with Revan triumphant is a good departure from the original story line.


Light side Female Revan:

Griet Mutnojmet

After KOTOR: Revan falls sick, and Carth is there there to nurse her back to health.

The writing style is good, the story good.

Dark side Male Revan:

What Lies in the Darkness Chapter 1

Confrontation on the Rakatan Temple: Such a small thing can make you fall…

The piece is short but powerful in it’s own way. There is only a brief piece, but from the look of it, this will turn out pretty good.

So You Want To Be A Swoop Racer

Before the Swoop Race in KOTOR: Revan feels the need for speed.

The piece is fun in a guy-nudge-guy way. You have two men looking at the lines of a swoop bike, and one of them is almost desperate to ride it, even though he won’t admit it aloud.

The first pick of this last week of 2007.

Tell Me a Story

Alternate Universe four years after KOTOR: Carth tells a story his wife would rather he didn’t.

It took me a moment to understand why it was defined as AU, but once I had, the story captivated me with its simplicity and charm. It is well written, and a perfect piece of history outside the normal story line. Having Carth be father of triplets was just icing on the cake.

The only negative was the Pirates of Penzance. Though if it were perfect, it wouldn’t have been as fun.

A Pick of the week.

The Star Map:Part One
Bastila Skywalker

PreKOTOR, before the Jedi went to war: Revan finds the Star Map, and begins his slide into darkness.

Artefact is spelled with an ‘I’ (artifact).

The basic story is good, and the only problems I see with it are with the established time line. The Mandalorians had been attacking the Republic for over four years before Revan marched, so you jumped the gun a bit there. No biggie.

Canon note: Master Vodo Siosk-Baas was a master at the time of Exar Kun 40 years earlier, and was killed by Kun.

One More Time, With Feeling: Chapter 1
Tonar Rimsen

KOTOR on Taris: Retelling of the original Taris scenes as play-script

I really didn’t believe this one when I saw it. The problem fixing the sink (game style) was cute and the comment about the bodies just disappearing very much so.

The Galaxies War: Prologue
Darth Raelic

After KOTOR: Revan seeks to rebind the Sith, and in the far future, Darth Sidious seeks the answer to a question.

Some misspelling, and editing problems, nothing that can’t easily be corrected.

The basic story is good, giving us enough background to enjoy what we’re seeing portrayed. As another said, keep it coming.

Dark Heart-Chapter 1
Lord Revan 107

After the Star Forge: Revan begins to mold his new apprentice

Punctuation and spelling errors. Nothing major, all the type that editing would cure.

The story is basic but well written. I won’t have time to read more, but I’m glad part two is already out there. Keep it up.

So Long, and Thanks for the Mind Wipe! Intro and Chapter 1

The opening scene with some twists: On the Endar Spire the character with the poisonous name gets to have some fun

I started chuckling with this one before I even finished the disclaimer comments. I usually complain when someone uses comments linked to Earth, but the author worked them in so well they almost slipped past without notice unless we were actually directed to them. Comments tied to later, Carth giving directions linked to Leviathan, Trask trying to carry the conversation while the main character derides the game author, speaking directly to the author at one point…

Great! I just wish I had a chance to read the rest! A Pick of the week.

The Dark War, Chapter 1
Darth Yoda

PreKOTOR: Revan and Carth meet in battle

The piece is too short to really judge. The basics are good, and worth building on.

The biggest problem I have is the use of stealth fighters that would be several centuries too soon.

Nothing's had, Something's Lost
Katara Ironarm

PreKOTOR: Bastila speaks to the council about Revan, and remembers the past.

The piece was short but well written. Katara has graced my column before, and this was as intriguing as the last piece.

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