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New Zone like place to play JK!!!

"Join up Folks!

75 Votes and we have a full blown server boys.
Please post a reply with your vote so that we have Proof of the community.
Please Register and Vote.
Vote link:
The Client for IGZ is very simular to the Zone Client we all knew very well.
the main differance is that this one is Far better o:

Just trust me on this. D:

All the small little things you hated like the Zfriends message system, swapped out for much better ways of doing things.

Download main client Here

Once you get the client up its very easy to find what rooms you want to go to."

Yes, you read right! We're so close to have a Zone like place to play JK again!! We're more than half way there!! Also, a good thing is NSGames, one of the staff members of IGZ, is LSF Nick, an old time JKer, so we have a good representative from the JK community in there
So? What are you waiting for? Vote NOW!!!

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