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Please don't give installation support. You can not simply manually install the mod, as is. Several people have made mention that the installer isn't working for them (for whatever reason -- no one seems willing to give me details so as a result there's nothing I can do). I will put together a manual install of it (which I will post up on my site's forums, so please look for it there and not here), but it will not have nearly the compatibility as the installer version will. You'll need to install it in a clean override and ad in your other mods from there. Of course that's what I would recommend even to those using the patcher...

Yeah, I'm sure I did, it was a while ago, but I could have sworn I told you, hmm...
In that case I'm sure you did. The fact that I don't remember you telling me doesn't necessarily mean anything. My mind's a slippery thing.

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