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Originally Posted by LordRevan999
Please can you make one for gmax.I tried to do what you said search the thing.But I searched everywhere and still can't find these:Ring,Connect etc.Please make one which explains with gmax interface.
Hmmz, I noticed this, since I chit chattered with DDD last night... I guess there's no other way then to re-work this tutorial a bit to fit G-Max better. I fear G-Max was a dumbed down version of Max 5 or 6, so there might be options not available, like the "Ring", since they were never included...

I'm not sure about this all though.

EDIT: I've been peeking into G-Max and... ow dear... I feel bad, I'm so used to my Super Deluxe 3D-Max, I'm like a dumb monkey in G-Max. Your right LordRevan999: there's no Connect and Ring. Jehebus, this means some serious manually handy work. I'll have to re-think this over.

EDIT 2: Quick temporary fix, for this Connect edges problem. G-max users, you'll have to Cut everything:
  1. Go to select edge, look for cut. Then go into one of the View-Ports and start to cut, click middle mouse to stop cutting, click left again to start again. You'll need to fly around your object and cut between two edges each time.

  2. Then you'll need to go into select Vert. You'll have to adjust each Vert, which you just created, cause of the Cutting. Fill in the box of the Z-value (most of the times). Use the Move Tool, to drag the Vert to the right height (what you like of course), look at the Z-Value, copy that over to all the other verts. And should get straight new edges. *The picture below is an example of bad cutting*

Still, I hope (very faintly) this gives people more insight into the 3D modeling thing.

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