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Brought over from the other closed thread...
Originally Posted by Jawaluv
Downloaded Kay and it is beautiful, but just wondering. I picked her up on Tatooine and killed the Chief. I went straight to Komad and after the first statement (no matter what I picked) all I get is the "Shh...footfalls..." reply from him. No banthas will spawn, he won't say anything else, and naturally.... I'm stuck.

I've never seen this before from Komad (I have the fodder, etc.) until I downloaded Kay. Is this a bug from the mod?

Originally Posted by InyriForge
It's a possibility. I had some problems with that dialogue earlier. However I've heard from some people that finished the mod already and they did not report any similar errors. Had you ever talked to Komad before that part of the game? (If you want a temporary bug fix, just delete the dialogue file from your override folder).
Deleted the dialogue and zipped right on through. Much thanks.
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