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NegSun, a piffy inquirer article does not maketh a review... we will let you get away with it, assuming you are drunk with christmas cheer

some more reviews here:
>Legit Reviews Nov 19 2007
annoying thing about this article > its "gaming" benchies are given at low spec only, which shows relative performance of the CPUs well, but is not really practical. As has been done in other reviews, showing how the CPU marks plateau compared to GPU demands would have put some of those results in context for gaming. Also, there is no comparison to the Q6700, which would have been handy (Although there are some Q6600 numbers in there)

>Neoseeker Dec 19 2007

>Overclockers Club Dec 23 2007

I think the conclusions made by the neoskeeer reviewer are important > the winner is indeed the consumer

For those that want a 1337 gaming rig, I think it has been demonstrated that performance, especially at higher rez, is really locked in with what your GPU can muster. This is a curious contest, but unfortuantely, outside the realm of benchies, its becoming a pissing contest, with not a huge amount of practical carryover. If youre going to have a magnificent/expensive CPU, your gaming performance at least, will still be limited. Of course, the profile of how teh CPU picthes in will change with developments in mainbaords/GPUs/ it always does

Price is going to be a significant issue, even before AMD rolls out there 45nm.

The comparable Intel Q6700 is listed at newegg at $539.00, whereas the scuttlebut seems to be AMD is going to be pricing the 9900 at the $350 mark.

My Wallet's Conclusion:
For me, Im going to sit this battle out for the moment I'll be interested in the 45nm numbers and the pricing of the 3Ghz CPUS when they come out. Other than that, Im more interested to see what those clowns ATI and nvidia can do try get "tri-sli" numbers on one card, and with much lower power demands. I think I'll be waiting at least 12 months


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