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Lolz well the reviews all say the same though don't they?

Intel wins this round hands down, and until the 45nm AMD "Stars" CPUs roll out and the Phenoms are a bit more settled (and hopefully down in price and up in performance) I wouldn't bother looking at anything else just now if you're well off...

I've seen some very well priced AM2+ boards lately, so I think I'd go for one of those with an X2 5000+ Black Edition which can give you as much performance as a 6400+ on air cooling apparently...And after that just slap an AM2+ True Quad in there once they've been around a bit longer and maybe switched to 45nm by then.

Seeing as I've got a 130nm Athlon XP just now, switching to a 65nm wouldn't exactly be heartbreaking, even if it is the aging Athlon64 X2.

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