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As the night went on, the drinks kept coming, thus making the stories come faster. William chuckled. He had been relating a story about his brief tenure working for a minor lord south of Worms.

"He had hired me to take care of a wolf pack that had been harassing the local flocks, not to mention taking down some of his favorite game. Biggest wolves I've ever seen. Vicious beasts, too. They didn't isolate all their attacks to animals, too. Nobody had died yet, but it was only a matter of time. Bigger problem was, 'Lord' Frederick wanted to accompany the hunters when I tracked down the pack. So it was me, three others, and Fred. Well, Lord Fred's a fine knight, I'm sure, but he's not much of an archer."

He winced and reached under his shirt, rubbing his shoulder.

"The pack ran for it when we came upon them. I had the faster horse, so I ran on ahead and tried to intercept them. Well, Fred couldn't tell the sound between a wolf running and a horse trotting. Not exactly scribe material. Surprisingly good shot. Fired through the trees, nailed me right here." He thumped his shoulder, just below the bone. "Fortunately, my luck outweighed his lucky shot, or I'd be a cripple. It wasn't as funny at the time, but it taught me a valuable lesson - nobles are imbeciles, and pity the poor fool who works for one."

He tilted back his drink, chuckling. "Of course, as you can imagine, Lord Fred took that as an excuse to take back my pay, as I failed to properly assist in taking down the pack. He was nice enough to burn the wound closed, though. Bastard."
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