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Played a round of Halo 3 co-op, and Crackensan joined our party!

Cool. Saved us a lot of time, since he's actually played through the game once, so we didn't need to keep hunting and pecking to find the object. I still got lost in one of the levels, though. And now we know what each other sounds like... kinda eerie.
Live was being a bitch again... but we connected long enough to rescue Cortana, before the married one of our group (neither one of the XWA'ers, BTW...) was called away to keep the wife happy.

Played some Halo 2 after that (once able to connect and download the updates, that is... that took forever, though.)

Did a bunch of chores round the house all morning. Took a walk in the afternoon, since the weather was so nice. (Not a really long one though... only about an hour.) Took a nap after dinner.

Still no plans for tomorrow night though... other than sitting tight and avoiding the crowds and stupidity. Playing some more games and watching DVDs might be in the works as well.

Back to work on Wed.

Seems like this break was really short this time... but since work will be slow most of the month, I'm actually looking forward to going back. Gonna be lots of new toys for us to play with when we return, too!

That should be fun!!!

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