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bastila naked

Did I get your attention? I hope so. My question is why is so politically correct? It is ridiculous for nude mods to be banned from this site just because some Moderators can't handle it. I want an honest to God reason why you think they should be banned and you can't lock this topic because I am not linking to anything at all, so don't even try to go that route. Even if you do I will just create another and another until I get my answer. A nude mod is just as legitimate as any other mod. It just another form of creative expression. The rules need to be changed because if they aren't eventually this community of modding will die. Now don't get me wrong, I am not arguing just for nude mods. That wouldn't make any sense with the point I am making. Nude mods are just one of many types of mods that aren't allowed because of political correctness and they are the most hotly debated. One of my favorite comedians, Bill Maher, had a show at one point called Politically Incorrect. He is my hero because he talked about all the political correctness that is happening and it is just wrong. The US isn't a communist nation, so bring back the nude mods.

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