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Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
No, dammit, I just want answers.
Well, since you've been waiting so patiently for the past 30 minutes...

LFNetwork is a group of forums open to the general public who share common interests in Lucasarts/Lucasfilm properties. As you may recall, the films are rated PG/PG-13 while the games are rated T (Teen). The moderating staff uses these ratings as guidelines for making decisions as to what is considered acceptable content and tone. Doing so serves the community's best interests by not arousing the ire of Lucasarts or Lucasfilm and generally making for a lighter, less seedy forum atmosphere.

Game modifications that add nudity fall outside these ratings as well as the tone of the movies and games. If in the future Lucasarts decides to make a sexually explicit M-rated game, the modding community would adjust accordingly. As for now, we're following their lead for examples of acceptable content.

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