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Originally Posted by rut-wa jodar
I would gladly host or join a server that was at least populated with bots. But the bots should be fixed (if possible). Don`t you think gamers are more likely the join a server that has bots, than a server that`s empty? So technically my comments can be seen as encouraging online OJP, rather than discouraging it.
I agree here. Thats why I have bots on my server its its ususally busier than others.

For those of you wondering how I get the bots to disappear when theirs more 1 human player on the server its: set ffaOn "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "0"; timelimit "0"; set g_gametype 0; set bot_minplayers 2" In the enhanced server cfg. This way, they don't annoy dualing players.

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