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Originally Posted by Maxstate
Because he knew you, knew the server was yours and knew approximately when you'd come on from earlier games, not because he was desperate enough to spend hours waiting for you on your server.
hey OJPs volume isnt THAT bad! LOL :P They didnt spend hours waiting and it wasnt JUST for me. They had and have other people they wait for or often get lucky and meet a new guy to train or someone else. Even if that was teh case, other people can do teh same thing while they wait for someone they know at another server. Why fight a bot at your server when you have a server with good ping, theres bots available..and the possibility of people showing up?

Honestly max this is plain logic. I've heard even heard them say it before. If you had ADD and was desperate for food and have fishing suppiles, would you not want a psp to pass teh time? LOL ..I love my goofy analogies.

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