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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
I wouldnt even worry abou that too much negsun...upgrading a GPU is where gamers are going to see the most benefit atm. A 3850 or 8800GT will give them performance jumps beyond staying with with a lower end card and changing CPU from x2 ro x4 alone, whatever brand > thus is the crux of my rant

Let intel and AMD R&D fight it out...Hopefully their marketing depts.will follow suit At the end of the day, thats the most important aspect of it all for us consumers

Aye if I build my new system anytime soon it'll be an HD3850 with an X2 5000+ Black Edition...But it wouldn't hurt to have an AM2+ mobo for future uprgading, cause since it's got PCIe 2.0 on it with double the bandwith the graphics as well as the processor would benefit from that kind of mobo I think...Even though they still have to iron out some of the bugs, by the time I get round to getting it I'm sure it'll all be settled.

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