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Originally Posted by Tyrion
Or did it turn sexy? Like, "So you were the man I debated on the internets a while back!" "I know, and I have another secret for you, brother. I'm in love." "With who???" "With you. Ravage me now!" "But you know it is forbidden, brother, it is the gravest of taboos amongst our society." "Let us not worry about civilization, for we shall run into the woods and have hot hairy naked seditious incestuous homosexual relations of an extremely sexual kind." "Seditious?" "Yes, for our passion will convert the entire nation to a citizenry of incestuous homosexuals!" "Oh brother, you did always shine of a kinky radiance when you spoke of anarchy!"

(It's New Years Eve. I could have been drunk on anything while this was written. Well, sparkling apple cider. Regardless, I can feel it fermenting within my gastrointestinal track!)
Haha, what the hell happened here?

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