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Originally Posted by edlib
That's nice,.. although when you said "l33t producer skillz" I was really expecting something different... such as a full on techno-dance remix. I kept waiting for the phat drum-machine beatz and LFO-filter swept pulsing synth part to kick in.

What effects did you use on that, and how did you do it? Plug-ins?

Did you record the original track also?
Heh, no, I didn't want to change the actual music. If I had, I would have recorded myself singing the tenor and bass parts, and put a great orchestral arrangement behind it. In fact...nah.

And no, I didn't record the original track. All I had to work with was that original wma file. If I had recorded it, it would have been of significantly higher quality, and the two voices would have been on different tracks, instead of stuck together, which limits your options considerably.

I did this in Cubase, yeah with some plug-ins. First, I duplicated the file and put it on a second track. I panned the original to the left and the copy to right, and also delayed the one on the right by 0.075 seconds. That spread out the sound a little and gave the impression of more voices. Then I applied a little EQ. Then I put a little chorus on both tracks to enhance the effect of there being more voices or at least more sound. Finally, I put some cathedral-style reverb on it. I hate messing around with knobs and finding the right settings for effects, and I'm no good at it anyway, so I just used presets.

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