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okay... the new year did not start out good.

Things went fine until I decided to go help my dad play musical cars in his driveway. Currently they have 4 cars in the driveway at night.

Ford F-450 Bucket truck my dad uses for work (Charter Cable)
1996 VW passat (old, worn out, works) my mom drove that out to see a movie
2002 VW Jetta Transmistions out, waiting til he finds a used transmission
1989 VW Fox, found out the battery was dead

Passat was in road. Had to use Ford to pull Fox forward so we could jump it (Did I mention the driveway had packed snow hills on it? so we couldn't push them)

Pull fox out and put it in driveway first, we move Jetta and try to use my car to push it. I get stuck in a drift and when I go check to see how it is stuck, the car decides to lock its doors. It is running, and I have no key with me to unlock the door. after trying to unlock it for 15 minutes in the 10 degree weather I convince my dad to call a locksmith.

Since the fox died while we were fussing with my car, we had to turn around the Ford to jump it again, so we could push the Passat.

The I had to wait an hour for the locksmith... took him about 5 minutes to pop it back open.

I HATE my Buick car .. if you are going to put "Features" in the car, the owner should be able to disable them easily by himself. I mean... to have a car lock while the car is running, and standing still? STUPID!

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