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Huh. Weird.
Keep a spare key on you at all times, I guess. In your wallet, maybe.

First day of new year (and last day of vacation) was pretty chill. Did some reading. Played some games. Me and my buddy finished the Halo Campaign.

(Sorry, 15... we had some issues at first just getting it to run. He couldn't find the save game... By the time that got sorted out, I didn't see you online at the time, so we could send the invite. We could have used you, too: those last couple of levels were tough going! But we might do the whole thing again in a week or 2 on a tougher skill level... and try to get a lot of people in on it. Plus, we are now both itching for some head-to-head death match action. Anything like that we do I'll definitely bring you in on. I'll start the next campaign from my machine too... to make the invites for you guys easier.)

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