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William grinned. "Every time I or anyone else has dealt with nobles, they've shown themselves to be, at best, complete idiots, and remind me how blessed I am by the Lord to be a freeman. The blissful middle between servitude and stupidity." He laughed.

The night wore on as they exchanged stories, and some went rather deep into their cups. Finally, near Midnight, William rose, eyeing Manfred with a pitying look. "It's getting fairly late, and if we drink any more, some of us might not wake up." He winced. I'll be feeling this in the morning. Should have gone dry... He went to the bar to pay their tab. "How much?"


It was rather steep, but there wasn't a lot William could do, particularly with a clouded mind. He counted it out and dropped it on the bar. His mind felt surprisingly clear, though. He rubbed his chin, then headed for the door up to the rooms.
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