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I played this game when it first came out (Prophecies), but when I finished the main quest, I stopped and never returned to it... until now! I won the game (Prophecies again!) together with Eye of the North. So I'm busy with my first character again, because I made a new account for the new Prophecies. I must say, I've missed a lot, and there's much that I need to catch up with. I fear I'll never get to that point, though. I'd like to try out Factions and Nightfall, but first I want to finish Prophecies, do Sorrow's Furnace and the whole Eye of the North campaign before I go there. And that'll take some time (Prophecies has the longest - and maybe a too long - story).

I play Elementalist/Monk at the moment. I find it to be a great combination. I've played Warrior/Monk and Ranger/Necromancer with my other account.
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