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- Get Obsidion to do it.

- Kill revan, he's boring me.

-People may disagree but I don't think you should be a massive hero, I would like it you are a Republic Commander or something then you became Jedi.

- Use same sort of graphics

- Have it on PC and normal xbox

- Make it a next-gen game too, i'd love to have KOTOR sitting in my Xbox 360.


- Include the Ebon Hawk, T3 and HK.

- Include new planets. e.g Mustafar, Kamino, Geonosis, Coruscant, Alderaan.

- I think it would be good to have Tatooine again only have it in Mos Eisley.

- [POSSIBLY] Tanis Space Station as a sort of prologue like Peragus, as seen in Star Wars Galaxies.

- Have new corporations and enemies. e.g GET RID OF CZERKA AND THE EXCHANGE

- Have the 9 party slots as usual, but have a few ways to replace some of the party members e.g Kill them, Kick them out, You find someone more important to the game plot and replace them.

- Have the option to actually join The Jedi or Sith, it is annoying how you HAVE to kill a sith for the conclusion of the two games. It would be better to have the option of joining the sith and kill a main Jedi as a conclusion.

- New Character to play and new party members

- The ability to JUMP.

- The ability choose Gender

- Romances

- Have certain times that in certain battles when som1 in your party die, THEY REALLY DIE FOR GOOD.


-Make it a MMORPG
-Have Bioware make it.
- Have random battles that actually have no purpose.
- Have another Cliffhanger like in the cut version of TSL
- HAVE ANOTHER REALLY REALLY BORING PROLOGUE LIKE PERAGUS. I liked Taris because it wasn't COMPLETELY HOSTILE and it was a large place which you could explore and roam about freely. Plus it was less gloomy.

I have to say I liked KOTOR the best than TSL. It was less gloomy and it gave me a lighter feeling and I was never bored. In TSL it gave me a bit of a dark, gloomy feeling because it was constant problems and constant hostilities. Yes you can roam freely and stuff but I want the NPC's to sound and act more cheerful than TSL. Oh an DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER KOTOR WHERE THERE IS A BORING BIT LIKE PERAGUS THEN YOU HAVE TO GO TO BORING TELOS BEFORE YOU CAN TRAVEL TO PLANETS AS YOU PLEASE. Another thing you shouldn't do is make another prologue where all the hostiles are mostly droids. I like Taris coz there were Sith, Swoop Gangs, Aliens like Rakghouls etc.

thats all from me see ya

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