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Originally Posted by Wolv
I have to say I liked KOTOR the best than TSL. It was less gloomy and it gave me a lighter feeling and I was never bored. In TSL it gave me a bit of a dark, gloomy feeling because it was constant problems and constant hostilities. Yes you can roam freely and stuff but I want the NPC's to sound and act more cheerful than TSL. Oh an DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER KOTOR WHERE THERE IS A BORING BIT LIKE PERAGUS THEN YOU HAVE TO GO TO BORING TELOS BEFORE YOU CAN TRAVEL TO PLANETS AS YOU PLEASE. Another thing you shouldn't do is make another prologue where all the hostiles are mostly droids. I like Taris coz there were Sith, Swoop Gangs, Aliens like Rakghouls etc.
Hence: K3 = BIOWARE

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