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Wants and Needs...

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Do we REALLY need to know what happened to Revan next?
Yes. We do.

Let us never speak of this again.

Alright, by that logic...
Do we REALLY NEED a KOTOR 3? No. No we don't. Since we know 4000 years later that Anakin will bring balance to the force, and destroy the Sith.

Do we REALLY NEED computer games? No. We don't. We'd all be better off finding entertainment from a sport, or book, or travel, or socializing, etc.

Indeed the question is philosophical and can be debated. However...

AS consumers of the product that LA made, we do control a proportion (As small as it may be.) of what LA will put into its products.
And, to sell said product, LA needs to make a game that corresponds to what their consumers WANT.
The majority of fans WANT to know what happens to Revan.
Therefore LA NEEDS to resolve the issue if they are to create a consumer satisfying product.

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