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I learned a terrible truth the other day at work. No longer are department managers able to go into the system and edit the schedules that the home office computers dish out. No longer will I have a decent 12-9 schedule. instead, it will be 12-9, 8-5, and they'll cut out my 40 hours and likely give me 30 or less. 3 of my coworkers are quitting, which means i'll be bombarded with new hires and transfers, most likely middle age on up. Looks like one of secondary objectives is going to be fulfilled.

I'm working 12-9 today and tomorrow, then I have to work 2-11 on saturday, 12-9 sunday and monday, then i'm off tuesday and wednesday. This is the kind of schedule that I like. And I'd be getting this schedule more, because nobody really likes to close/work at night, but thanks to the retards at home office, everybody's screwed into working hours they don't like.

Think i'll take a walk to get the mail this morning.

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