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The big thing about the "jedi being uber" thing is that it is only an immage. This is stated many times throughout the SW material. Heck, even the bmf jedi, Mace Windu, states that on Geonosis he had two choices; to kill Duku and end the clone wars before they started, thus being killed by Jango, or to save his own life. Mace knew Jango was more than a match for any jedi, even one of Mace's skill.

That is the thing about jedi. They are human/sentient being. The belief that they are unbeatable is one manufactured by the jedi themselves. The air of mystery and power is used by the jedi to defeat opponents before an encounter gets to combat. Even a newly appointed jedi knight can stare down a notorious bounty hunter and make them submit to the jedi's will because they think the jedi will squash them like a gizka.

Even still, those who know better and could kill jedi by the score, will keep that fact quiet, as it makes them look more powerful than they may actualy be.

I think jedi should be ballanced with the other classes, just for that reason. No bonuses against jedi for some, or jedi getting bonuses or penalties against others. Just balanced. (as much as it can be, I guess.)
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