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Originally Posted by Phoenix Games Company Profile
Phoenix Games Ahead of it's Time

With a small elite team of 6 people specializing in licensing, marketing and publishing of value priced games, development and manufacturing are bundled through outsourcing and collaboration. This approach suppresses our fixed costs and enables a revolutionary low price strategy.

We boast the shortest time required from development to product release in the industry. Ordinarily the average development period for a game is 18 months, whereas Phoenix need a mere 3-5 months. With integrated standards in production and packaging it is now possible to realize low costs through stabilization of variable costs and suppression of fixed costs. In the case of fixed costs we are suppressing development costs per product unit by maximizing the sales volume through a low cost strategy and also both diminishing advertising and promotional costs and maximizing operating profits by securing a dependable fan base through an identifying packaging of a series.
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